fried egg and kısır

April 17, 2012

Finally, delicious tomatoes have started to show up in the market place.

Spring brings bountiful of plants, so it is a precious time for eating seasonal and fresh.

When I was walking in the market today, I came up with the idea of  fried eggs with kısır as a tasty and healthy dinner, and also as a post for my BasqueStage application.

I have to admit combination sounded like a bit weird first but I decided to give it a try.

Kısır is perfect for this time of the season.

Fresh tomatoes, spring onions, cucumbers, lemons, and parsley are all you need.

Finely chop and mix them with cooked fine bulgur, good quality red pepper paste and olive oil.

Add fresh lemon juice.

Season with salt, freshly grounded black pepper, and cumin.



I fried an egg with butter, seasoned with red pepper, fresh oregano and salt, and served on the top of the kısır.


Luckily the result was quite satisfactory!


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